Why Pumps Are Important to Many Applications

High-pressure pumps are utilized in various industries. There are several different types of pumps utilized in various industries. There are few components found in pumps. Pumps can be used for various applications. The types of pumps will differ and offer some advantages under certain conditions.

Common Parts Found in A Pump

Any type of high pressure pumps seattle wa contain a few components. An air drive section is found in a lightweight piston. The air drive section is normally in all air-driven pumps. The air pushes the piston down under pressure stroke. Air will push the piston up during the suction stroke:

Hydraulic section
• Check and Seal section
• Spool Valve

Hydraulic piston is a part of the air piston found in the hydraulic pump. The size of the hydraulic piston will determine the pressure ratio of the pump. The pressure ratio of the hydraulic piston determines the output flow and maximum pressure. The purpose of the hydraulic piston is to bring liquid into the hydraulic body via an inlet check valve. The liquid will be pushed out of an outlet check valves with an increase in pressure. Check valves will direct the liquid through the pump. An inlet check valve is open up to capacity during the suction stroke of the hydraulic piston. An outlet check valve is held closed with the use of differential pressure in the spring. The unit check valve would be closed during the pressure stroke as the liquid move through the outlet check valve. The seal is used to hold the liquid in the cycling phase to prevent leakage into the air drive. A seal can be made from various materials. Spool Valve moves compressed air from one side to the other side of an air piston.

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Types of Pumps That Are Useful

Centrifugal Pumps can have an electric motor. A centrifuge pump has one or more impellers. There can be a variety of liquids used in centrifugal pumps. It is a good pump for pumping thin liquids. ANSI process pump is not ideal for pumping thick liquids. ANSI pump can be utilized in chemical plants and food processing plants. An API pump is created to an API 610 standard. A standard used for pumps in refineries and pipelines. It is reliable when pumping liquids is done under high pressure and temperatures. An axial flow pump is ideal for thin liquids. Axial flow pump is useful when a high flow rate is required. A pump used to dewater a space after flooding. A booster pump can be used to boost the pressure. A booster pump can have more than one impeller. It should be used with thin liquids. The high pressure allowed by the pump makes the booster pump ideal when there is a need for spraying of liquids. A canned motor pump is a type of centrifugal pump without a seal. The canned motor pump is good for chemicals or hydrocarbons. Liquids that could cause damage when leaked will be contained in canned motor pumps. Chopper pumps can be used to pump liquids with solids. Solids can be chopped up in a chopper pump. It is used in food processing plants.