The Basics of Buying and Selling of Web Space

Building websites for different purposes like blogs, online shops, forums, news sites, social media platforms or businesses is a huge and multimillion business in this time and age. In this technologically advancing era, there is a heavy business traffic in the world wide web. To be able to own and build your own website or web platform, you have to be able to buy and own your own domain name – this is where domain name brokerage comes in.

This is where buying and selling of domain names come to play. There are many different ways to own a domain name, but one of the most popular and most effective ones are buying and selling through a standard domain registrar like GoDaddy that facilitate buying and selling of domain names through auctions – these domain registrars are responsible for alloting high-profile domain names to high prices, and the same works for the opposite situation. In these auctions in domain registrars, they are also responsible for setting the price point, handling the auction and making offers to potential buyers. When making offers, they present potential high portfolio and heavy traffic attracting domain names to businesses – with the domain name being available to be manipulated by the buyer to whatever purpose the domain name’s asset may serve.

While this is a big business, there are a lot of risks in investing in domains and there is a lot of legality and accountability that goes along with buying and selling domains. These domain registrars that handle domain name sales make their money through comissions that they get from selling or buying these domain names.

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While, for domain name buyers or owners, they would make their money through their web site traffic. Your web site traffic is basically the amount or number of data sent and received by your visitors to your website. To avoid the numbers being cheated, web site traffic does not include the traffic that is generated by bots, or automatic visitors and data senders.

In correlation to this, the domain name’s web site traffic is directly correlated to the money your domain name makes through ads. The higher the traffic, the more it attracts other businesses to place ads in your web site. To better understand this, it is like how videos on Youtube makes money. The higher the subscribers and the higher the views that the video or profile gets – equals to the number of ads that are placed in those videos. The longer the video (meaning the longer the visit), the more ads are placed in the platform.

More ads equal more money. This is how domains make majority of their money – through website traffic and advertisements. That’s why building a solid portfolio for your domain name is a key element into making your web site traffic heavier through time. With a ton of sites lingering on the world wide web, it’s also important for your domain name to be unique, rememberable and straight to the point to the kind of platform you are building!