Five Signs of Sewer Damage or Sewer Blockage in Your Home

Taking care of a home properly can be very challenging for the entire family. Especially, when it comes to addressing problems that may take quite a bit of more time to repair, money and resources to get things done right the first time. This is particularly the case when a homeowner and their family begins to see signs of a damaged sewer pipeline. So, for those of you who are family members that need to know how to identify these issues early on, here are five common signs that can assist you with helping to facilitate a solution that will be best for you.

Odors that Comes from the Sewer

One of the problems that people may find hard to ignore is the odor that radiates from this kind of issue. It does not matter if the problem comes from a home or a building, the results can be the same when a sewer line problem exists. Because these areas are designed to be airtight, any odor that comes from a sewage may mean that there is an issue with the damaged sewer pipeline.

Problems with Mold

In addition to an odor that is difficult to ignore, your family may also begin to notice issues with mold in certain places in and around the home. When you see these issues, it usually means that there is a sewer line break that exists within the walls. The mold is often accompanied by the presence of mold and the odor of the sewage.

Drains are Slowly Begin to Block

You should also look out for drains that begin to slow down as the blockage begins to back up. These issues can begin to appear in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room , bathtub, and the toilet. So, you need to be aware of this blockage as not being a normal part of a sewer line but abnormal, as it can be the beginning stages.

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Green Grass – Lush Patches on the Grass

Sometimes a homeowner may see patches of greenery that they have not noticed before. These little or big green patches may be lush and extra green because of the exposure that it is getting from a sewer line that has been broken. Normally, this is an issue that can occur around this time because the sewer leakage can be seen as a fertilizer to the ground that it is trying to cultivate. Whatever the case or situation, you and your family should make sure that you are preparing for a sewer line repair east northport ny solution in order to take care of the problem that is surfacing.

Problems with Rodents

Most everyone knows that rodents live in sewers. So they can be attracted to any sewer damage and pipeline problems that occur. So, whenever you see a problem that continues to persist and grows, even though you are using an effective solution, you need to consider that the rodents may be coming from these areas too.